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Клей-спрей 500 мл

  • Гарантия: 24 Месяца

Spray Adhesive 500 ml Can

Клей-спрей 500 мл
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  • Гарантия: 24 Месяца

Spray Adhesive 500 ml Can

  • Тип продукта: Краска, пленка и клей
  • Тип: Клей - спрей
  • Вес: 0,49 кг
  • Тара: Баллончик
  • Размер тары: 0.5 л

The simple and fast adhesive from a spraycan for large-scale surfaces.

It bonds many types of materials. Specially designed for long-lasting, extra strong bonding of rough and uneven surfaces such as paper, cardboard, felt, fabric, plasticizer-free plastic foils, foams, padding, rigid foams with each other and itself; as well as onto wood, glass, metal, ceramics (ideal for making cases and boxes).

The amount of adhesive can be adjusted (high/medium/low) by a special valve. Depending on the material, an area of up to 4 m² can be bonded together. Temperature resistant from -20°C to +60°C.

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