Adam Hall Hardware 0131 WHI


Texture Paint white 1 kg

Adam Hall Hardware 0131 WHI
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Texture Paint white 1 kg

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Coat your speaker cabinets to make them more attractive, more effective, and more sophisticated:

Warnex texture paint is the impressive alternative to conventional textile and plastic surfaces!

For optimal results, we recommend applying with a spray gun.

  • 1 kg container
  • White
  • Semi-matte
  • Easy to handle
    • Economical, air drying
    • Environmentally friendly, dilutable with water
    • Easy application as a 1-component material
  • Product type: Краска, пленка и клей
  • Type: Цвета
  • Weight: 1 кг
  • Colour: белый
  • Container: Банка
  • Container size: 1 кг
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