Adam Hall Cables Quantum 48

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Multicore Cable 48-channel 96 x 0.14 mm²

Adam Hall Cables Quantum 48
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  • Гарантия: 24 Месяца

Multicore Cable 48-channel 96 x 0.14 mm²

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Is exactly the cable all "bending radius fetishists", such as live technicians, musicians, and ambitious live sound people have been dreaming of! The QUANTUM is absolutely torsion-free, i.e. it can be wound in the shape of an "8" without any problems and will not twist when it is wound or unwound. Not only the S-PVC-jacket, resistant to a temperature of ??"30 °C and notchresistant, feels soft but the inside as well, and is also break-resistant due to the super fine 0.07 mm (!) individual copper litz and the PE-insulated wire insulation. The electrical and mechanical data also is remarkable: each wire pair is additionally insulated with a sleeve, numbered, and shielded with a copper spiral covered to 99 %. Get a taste of this: The QUANTUM stands out with a low capacity of 45 pF wire/wire and remains 110 ? (AES/EBU) conform for hundreds of meters! The wire pair diameter is perfectly suitable for direct installation (e.g. a XLRconnector). The inside is protected against adverse influences by a highly flexible PVC-jacket with a wall thickness of almost 2 mm. There never has been a cable with the same electrical and mechanical values atsuch a low price!

  • Product type: Кабель в бухтах
  • Type: Мультикорный кабель
  • Colour: черный
  • Overall diameter: 29 мм
  • Center conductor cross section: 0.14 мм²
  • Center conductor construction: 36 x 0.07 мм
  • Number of internal conductors: Ожидает отгрузки
  • Shield material: Медь
  • Line resistance: 90>
  • Capacitance: 45 пФ / м
  • Jacket material: ПВХ
  • Weight: 0,95 kg
  • Additional information: Внутренние проводники, экранированные парами, совместимые с AES / EBU
  • Center conductor material: Медь
  • Shield: Спиральная оплетка
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