Adam Hall Cables KTC 32 PR

  • Гарантия: 24 Месяца

Multicore Cable Outdoor 32-channel 64 x 0.14 mm²

Adam Hall Cables KTC 32 PR
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  • Гарантия: 24 Месяца

Multicore Cable Outdoor 32-channel 64 x 0.14 mm²

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A five-year trial period... just what all sound technicians and radio and TV professionals have been waiting for. In cooperation with leading event service companies and employees of various broadcasting companies, our engineering department has

developed a new multipair cable for rugged outdoor use.

The new SC-TRANSFER HIGHFLEX multipair with the "MASTER BLEND" PUR jacket is available from stock effective immediately. The jacket is so notch-resistant and tough that we offer you a 5-year guarantee on bulk cable! To make sure it stays that way

even in winter, we used a high-quality, cold-resistant, durable PUR (PMB) jacket. This guarantees temperature stability down to -40 °C and is also highly heat- and notch-resistant.

The PUR jacket and the conductor insulation made of special TPE-Hytrel ® was designed for extreme applications, i.e., bending, dragging on the ground, and strong tugging cannot harm this cable. Of course this cable can also be used as a high-quality

stage or installation cable. (Multipair cable incl. load - see DMX multicore SC-MONOLITH POWER DMX).

  • Тип продукта: Кабель в бухтах
  • Тип: Мультикорный кабель
  • Цвет: черный
  • Общий диаметр: 17.2 мм
  • Сечение центрального проводника: 0.14 мм²
  • Конструкция центрального проводника: 7 x 0.2 мм
  • Количество внутренних проводников: 64
  • Защитный материал: Медь
  • Сопротивление линии: 80>
  • Емкость: 65 пФ / м
  • Материал оболочки: ПВХ
  • Вес: 0,478 kg
  • Дополнительная информация: С двойным экранированием со спиральной и плетеной медной защитой
  • Материал центрального проводника: Медь
  • Защита: Оплетка
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