Adam Hall Hardware Q 6502 M

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Adam Hall Hardware Q 6502 M
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  • Гарантия: 24 Месяца

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The EasyCase System of aluminium extrusions and interlocking plastic corners allow fast assembly of cases without the need for rivets.

Corners, extrusions and 7mm wood or plastic materials can be easily glued together or tacked, using a compressed air Tacker and 6mm double prong tacks.

EasyCase Aluminium Extrusions for 7mm material are available in mill finish or anodised (A) and EasyCase plastic corners are available in black and three shades of grey.

Slight color variations between different batches possible.

  • Тип продукта: Система Easy Case
  • Длина: 4000 мм
  • Вес: 0,275 кг
  • Тип: Профиля
  • Материал: алюминий
  • Покрытие: плоский
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