Adam Hall Hardware Imageboard 7 GOOD SOUND

  • Гарантия: 24 Месяца

Birch plywood with a comics motif (3) 7 mm

Adam Hall Hardware Imageboard 7 GOOD SOUND
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  • Гарантия: 24 Месяца

Birch plywood with a comics motif (3) 7 mm

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Adam Hall Imageboard – a unique design for your flight case!

Customised flight case design has never been so simple

  • High-resolution photo printing for unique flight cases
  • Recurring patterns – for a stylish look and simple handling
  • Minimum order quantity 20 boards
  • Design printed on standard birch plywood boards with thicknesses of 7 or 9.5 mm
    • Front: customised digital print with transparent UV varnish for optimally protecting the printed motif
    • Back: opposing film (default colour: black)
  • Standard board dimensions: 2500 x 1250 mm

The Adam Hall Imageboard now offers all flight case manufacturers and their customers the unique opportunity to add their very own personal touch to their flight cases.

The individually printable birch plywood boards are available in the standard thicknesses of 7 and 9.5 mm – the most popular dimensions for flight cases. Printing occurs using a six-colour digital printing process. The design is printed onto a backing layer with a resolution of 720 dpi before being hardened with UV light. The dried ink has a slight satin finish, similar to that of high-quality printed paper. To complete the process, the corundum in a transparent layer of UV varnish provides protection and outstanding scratch resistance, as well as excellent lightfastness.

  • Product type: Фанера и листы с двойными стенками
  • Type: Ламинированные панели
  • Material: березовая фанера
  • Front surface: цифровая печать с защитным покрытием из прозрачного УФ-лака
  • Rear surface: стабилизирующая пленка
  • Board width: 2500 мм
  • Board height: 1250 мм
  • Board thickness: 6.8 мм
  • Front colour: comics motif 3
  • Rear colour: черный
  • Weight: 14 кг
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